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Master of Engineering in Digital Agriculture

This fully online, non-thesis interdisciplinary program includes classes in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Computer Science, and Crop Sciences departments at UIUC.

Accepting Applications for Spring 2023

Deadline: May 31 for international and domestic students

Graduation from the program requires the completion of 32 credit hours with a core curriculum tailored for Digital Agriculture with a specialization topic chosen by students with a selection of elective courses. The core curriculum includes:

  • 8 hours of Agricultural and Biological Engineering coursework
  • 4 hours of Computer Science coursework
  • 4 hours of Crop Sciences coursework
  • 4 hours of Capstone or Professional Practicum

12 hours of elective courses from a predetermined list from all three departments will complete the requirements for graduation.

The Master of Engineering in Digital Agriculture is a self-funded program where students are responsible for paying their tuition and fees. Students in this program are not eligible for Board of Trustee (BOT) tuition waiver-generating assistantships at the University of Illinois.

Tuition rates for the M.Eng in Engineering – Digital Agriculture follows the Online Graduate Tuition rate for Engineering. The rates for the current academic year are listed here