Center for Digital Agriculture

REU Students & Alumni


Emma Fuentes

Texas A&M - Animal Science/ Ag Econ

Mentor: Dr. Angela Green-Miller
Project: Relevant Behavior and Posture for Emerging Illness in Pigs
Funding: NSF

Iradatulah "Iradatu" Sulayman

Lehman College - Anthropology, Biology, chemistry

Mentor: Dr. Matthew Hudson and Dr. Cabral Bigman-Galimore
Project: Exploring bioinformatics research applications, career trajectories, and social implications
Project: CROPPS

Jelena Herriott

Langston University - Agricultural Science

Mentor: Dr. Angela Green-Miller
Project: Activity Index for Pigs Using Image Analysis
Funding: AIFARMS

Kennedie Manuel

Tuskegee University - Animal Science

Mentor: Dr. Isabella Condotta
Project: Computer Vision Systems applied to livestock production
Funding: NSF

Munirat "Munirah" Ibrahim

Stony Brook University - Biology

Mentor: Dr. Lisa Ainsworth
Project: SoyFACE Dara Compilation and Analysis
Funding: AIFARMS

Scotteria "Scotty" Scott

Tuskegee University - Animal Science

Mentor: Dr. Angela Green-Miller
Project: Correlation of Image Analysis Metrics and Behavior of Pigs
Funding: NSF

Valeria Suss

Univ. of Puerto Rico at Arecibo

Mentor: Dr. Sarah Hind
Projects: Developing UV-Excitable GFP-Expressing Tomato Plants using Hairy Root Transformation
Funding: CROPPS