Center for Digital Agriculture

How much are REU students paid as part of the summer program?
Students will receive a $600/week stipend, housing allowance, and one meal per day allowance. Travel to and from campus is also supported, up to $800 per student. Students will be paid once a month via direct deposit on June 16th, July 16th, and August 16th.

I am an international student studying at a U.S. university. I am not a citizen and do not have a green card. Am I eligible for your program?
Funding for the REU program is restricted to U.S. Citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents (i.e., Green Card holders). If you are neither a citizen nor have a green card, we cannot provide funding. If you have support from another source, please reach out to the program director about opportunities to participate as an unsupported REU student. 

Is this program open to current U of I students?
Any U of I student who meets the requirements regarding citizenship and undergraduate status is eligible. Priority is given to students outside of the university. 

I am a senior and will graduate in May. Am I still eligible for your program?
The program is targeted at undergraduates (the “U” in REU). Students who have received their bachelor’s degree by the time of the program are ineligible.

Can I take a part-time job in the summer while I am participating in the REU program?
No. Participating in the REU program will be your full-time obligation.

Can I take summer classes while participating in the REU?
No. Participating in the REU program will be your full-time obligation. You should not plan to extend your obligations to include courses. Exceptions may be made in special circumstances, and those should be approved prior to program acceptance.

I’d like to attend my sister’s wedding in Texas on July 10, and as a result, may miss a day or two of the program. Will this be a problem?
In general, participants are expected to be in residence during the full period of the REU program, May 30-Aug 4th. Occasional absences may be approved in advance with the Program Coordinator.

Can I bring my pet? 
Certified housing that has been arranged by the program does not allow pets. Service animals are allowed with documentation. 

I’m only a first-year/freshman or sophomore. Can I apply? 
First-year/freshman and sophomores who display a strong interest in digital agriculture, artificial intelligence, and/or machine learning are welcome to apply. All applications will be reviewed, and priority will be given to juniors and seniors, followed by underclassmen. 

Do I need a car? 

You are not required to bring or acquire a car. Having your own transportation for the summer can have advantages. Some students will be working at field sites off the main campus. If you do not have your own transportation, arrangements can be made to support your access to field sites.

Champaign-Urbana has a great public bus system that REU participants can ride for free, so access to general needs on campus and around town are not restricted without having your own car. 

 Do I need to know computer programming? 
Computer programming knowledge is not required. We will pair students with projects based on interests and skills. Training will be provided for background that is needed for research projects.

I don’t know if I want to go to grad school. Can I still participate in the REU program? 
The REU program is a great place to explore if you are interested in research. You will also learn skills you can apply in industry if you decide graduate school is not a good fit for you. 

Do I get to pick my own project or funding source?
We will use your application to pair you with the best project, project mentor, and funding source for your expressed interest and backgroud

I have a question not mentioned here. Who do I contact?
You can email Program Coordinator Christina Tucker