Center for Digital Agriculture

Center for Digital Agriculture Conference 2024

Future of Digital Agriculture

In Person Event • March 6, 2024 • iHotel and Illinois Conference Center

Poster Session Overview

Presenter NamePoster Title
Arun Narenthiran SivakumarCropFollow++: Robust Under-Canopy Navigation with Keypoints
Menglin LiuA Comparison of Policy Instruments to Promote the Adoption of Sustainable Nitrogen Management Practices
Christina TuckerCDA Education
Abhi Pagadala
Vardhan Dongre
Vidhi Rambhia
Sunoj Shajahan
Elizabeth Wahle
Dennis Bowman
John F Reid
Vikram Adve
AI Vision-based Weed Management in Specialty Crops
Luana BenicioDry Matter Intake Estimatimation Based on Computer Vision
Poojan ShahInvestigating a Novel Robot Platform for Navigation and Manipulation in High Tunnel
Mamunur RahmanDeep Learning Approach for Segmentation and Tracking of Sows and Piglets in Farrowing Crates
Ziyang GongInforming the Marketing Strategies of Small and Medium-sized Farms through Large-scale Computational Analysis of Facebook Posts
Kendall KoeVisual Servoing for Pose Control of a Hybrid Continuum Manipulator in an Unstructured Environment
Faiza Aziz
James Shin
Jiaming Xu
Estimating Carbon Offsets by Robotic Soil Composition Analysis
Ultrasonic-sensor-based Cover Crop Height Measurement for Agricultural Robots
Italo Braz Goncalves de LimaNavigating Grazing Preferences: Using Geopositioning to Understand the Influence of Temperature, Time of Day, and Weather Conditions on Animal Grazing Behavior
Emerson SieBYON: Bring Your Own Networks for Digital Agriculture Applications
Sarah BeneventoA Closer Look at Stakeholder Visions Surrounding Social and Ethical Implications of Programmable Plants
Yanfeng OuyangRobust Grain Supply Chain Design Considering Post-harvest Loss and Harvest Timing Equilibrium
Mateus Valverde GasparinoWayFASTER: a Self-Supervised Traversability Prediction for Increased Navigation Awareness
Mekali FeltonUsing YOLO to Predict Activity Level for Finishing Pigs
Tawni Williams-StroudConsiderations for Automated Behavior Sampling
Andre SchreiberAn Attentional Recurrent Neural Network for Occlusion-Aware Proactive Anomaly Detection in Field Robot Navigation
Tony StuderThe Use of In-Field Sensors and Modeling to Assess Crop Management Strategies and Sustainability
Vardhan DongreAI Vision-based Weed Management in Specialty Crops
David BullockData-Intensive Farm Management with On-Farm Precision Experimentation
Rueben Doria GarciaDigital Agriculture for Small Farmers and Undeserved Communities
Yaguang ZhangBeyond Cellular: Enabling Field Connectivity with Novel Network Solutions
Jeffery CookGigantor Technologies Inc. - Converting AI Computer Vision Models Directly into Circuits
Md Towfiqur RahmanPosture Classification of Sow using YOLO V8 Model
Samuel FolorunshoAutonomous Navigation in Challenging Farm rows: Semantic Segmentation Based Approach
Megan KonarResilience, Sustainability, and Cost Trade-Offs in Agri-Food Transportation Infrastructure in the United States
Falasy AnamelechiNavigating Tomorrow's Fields: Unleashing the Potential of Geographic Information Systems in Revolutionizing Digital Agriculture
Milcah KigoniMaking the Impossible Possible: Leveraging UAV-based Phenotyping to Scale Intercrop Breeding Field Trials
Sabrina SummersToward a Circular Bioeconomy: Food Waste to Jet Fuel
EarthSense TBD
Skip KlinefelterBlending AI with Production Ag