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Center Affiliates

Naoki Abe
Naoki AbeDistinguished Research Staff MemberIBM ResearchExternal Center
Narendra Ahuja
Narendra AhujaResearch ProfessorElectrical and Computer EngineeringFacultyAlgorithms and computational complexity; computed imaging systems; computer vision and pattern recognition; embedded, real-time, and hybrid systems; image, video, and multimedia processing and compression; machine learning; natural language processing; robotics and motion planning; speech recognition and processing
Elizabeth Ainsworth
Elizabeth AinsworthAdjunct ProfessorPlant BiologyFacultyPlant physiological and molecular responses to global change; photosynthesis and carbohydrate metabolism
Brian Aldridge
Brian AldridgeClinical ProfessorVeterinary Clinical MedicineFaculty
Kaustubh Bhalerao
Kaustubh BhaleraoAssociate ProfessorAgricultural & Biological EngineeringFacultyInstrumentation and analytics in agriculture
Martin Bohn
Martin BohnAssociate ProfessorCrop SciencesFacultyHigh-throughput phenotyping technology in maize for genetics and breeding; grain processing and nutritional quality in maize; plant-insect interactions; root development and architecture and their relationship to the performance of maize (Zea mays L.) under biotic and abiotic stresses; breeding corn cultivars for organic farming systems
David Bullock
David BullockProfessorAgricultural and Consumer EconomicsFacultyPolicy; trade; development
Maxwell Burnette
Maxwell BurnetteSenior Research ProgrammerNational Center for Supercomputing ApplicationsInternal Center
Carrie Butts-Wilmsmeyer
Carrie Butts-WilmsmeyerExternal CenterIntersection of predictive models; plant genetics; human health
Marco Caccamo
Marco CaccamoProfessorComputer ScienceFacultyEmbedded, real-time, and hybrid systems; networking and distributed computing; wireless communication systems
Matthew Caesar
Matthew CaesarAssociate ProfessorComputer ScienceFacultySecurity and privacy; systems and networking
Li-Qing Chen
Li-Qing ChenAssistant ProfessorPlant BiologyFacultyControl of sugar allocations to improve crop yield or biomass for food and biofuels
Girish Chowdhary
Girish ChowdharyAssistant ProfessorAgricultural and Biological EngineeringFacultyMachine learning for machine vision; adaptive control and reinforcement learning; autonomy; robotics; artificial intelligence
Lindsay Clark
Lindsay ClarkResearch SpecialistCrop SciencesInternal CenterPolyploidy; population genetics; development of novel algorithms and software for the analysis of molecular markers
Adam Davis
Adam DavisProfessorCrop SciencesFacultyDiversified cropping systems; spatial ecology of agriculture risk management; integrated weed management
Neal Davis
Neal DavisTeaching Assistant ProfessorComputer ScienceFacultyComputers and education; incentivizing productive student behaviors; open source curricula; assessment; learning analytics
Brian Diers
Brian DiersProfessorCrop SciencesFacultyResistance to soybean aphids; resistance to soybean cyst nematodes; soybean yield; development of soybean varieties
Ryan Dilger
Ryan DilgerAssociate ProfessorAnimal ScienceFacultyImmunophysiology and behavior; animal nutrition; productions and environment management; neuroscience
Iwona Dobrucka
Iwona DobruckaSenior Research ScientistBeckman Institute for Advanced Science and TechnologyInternal CenterBioimaging at multi-scale
Katherine Driggs-Campbell
Katherine Driggs-CampbellAssistant ProfessorElectrical and Computer EngineeringFacultyArtificial intelligence; autonomous vehicles; validating autonomous systems; interactive control policies for intelligent systems in multi-agent setters
Laura Gentry
Laura GentryDirectorIllinois Corn Growers AssociationInternal CenterWater quality; nutrient management
George Gollin
George GollinProfessorPhysicsFacultyParticle physics
Angela Green-Miller
Angela Green-MillerAssociate ProfessorAgricultural and Biological EngineeringFacultyAnimal housing and animal welfare; controlled environment engineering for animals; development of methods for objective quantification of animal well-being; assessment of animal-environment interactions; systematic evaluation of animal housing; monitoring technologies for animal physiological and behavioral response; environmental control systems incorporating animal response feedback
Tony Grift
Tony GriftAssociate ProfessorAgricultural and Biological EngineeringFacultyAdvanced machinery for biosystems applications; agricultural robotics; biosystems automation; engineering solutions for biomass feedstock production
Kaiyu Guan
Kaiyu GuanAssistant ProfessorNatural Resources and Environmental SciencesFacultyEcohydrology; crop remote sensing; crop modeling and forecasting; agriculture adaptation to climate change; vegetation dynamic modeling; terrestrial remote sensing (optical/microwave); biogeography; drought; vegetation phenology; tropical ecology, GIS
John Hart
John M. HartPrincipal Research EngineerCoordinated Science LaboratoryInternal CenterAutomated visual inspection systems; novel video and imaging camera technologies; embedded microcontroller systems; information technology and wireless sensor systems; electromechanical equipment designs; biomimetic robotics
Naira Hovakimyan
Naira HovakimyanProfessorMechanical Science and EngineeringFacultyRobust adaptive control and estimation; networks of autonomous systems; game theory and applications in safety-critical systems of aerospace; mechanical, electrical, petroleum, and biomedical engineering
Eliu Huerta Escudero
Eliu Huerta EscuderoSenior Research ScientistNational Center for Supercomputing ApplicationsFacultyMachine and deep learning for gravitational wave astrophysics; machine and deep learning for astronomical surveys (DES/LSST); fusion of deep learning and high performance computing for multi-messenger astrophysics; analytical and numerical relativity; gravitational wave source modeling at the interface of post-Newtonian theory, black hole perturbation theory, self-force, numerical relativity; high performance computing for large scale gravitational wave data analysis; open source software development for gravitational wave data analysis and large scale numerical relativity campaign
Chongya JiangPostdoctoral Research AssociateInstitute for Sustainability, Energy, and EnvironmentFaculty
Nathan Kleczweski
Nathan KleczweskiResearch Assistant ProfessorCrop SciencesFacultyPlant pathology; crop protection; disease management; disease identification; mycology; microbial ecology
Praveen Kumar
Praveen KumarProfessorCivil and Environmental EngineeringFacultyEnergy-water-environment sustainability; water resource engineering and science
Ranjitha Kumar
Ranjitha KumarAssistant ProfessorComputer ScienceFacultyInteractive computing; data-drive design; design mining; user-centered machine learning; UI/UX; mobile/web applications; social networks; fashion; emoji
Andrew Leakey
Andrew LeakeyProfessorPlant BiologyFacultyIntegrative plant physiology; genetics and genomics; plant water use efficiency; photosynthesis and carbon metabolism; crop responses to elevated CO2; drought; temperature and ozone; crop sustainability and responses to global environmental change
D.K. Lee
D.K. LeeAssociate ProfessorCrop SciencesFacultyCrop production
Alex Lipka
Alex LipkaAssistant ProfessorCrop SciencesFacultyBioinformatics and statistics
Aurelie Lozano
Aurelie LozanoResearch Staff MemberIBM ResearchExternal CenterAlgorithms and theory; computational biology; knowledge discovery and data mining; operation research; statistics
Ting Lu
Ting LuAssociate ProfessorBioengineeringFacultyComputational and systems biology; synthetic bioengineering
Yi Lu
Yi LuProfessorChemistryFacultyBiosynthetic inorganic chemistry; DNAzyme; aptamer-based sensing; imaging agents; functional DNA nanotechnology
Zeynep Madak-Erdogan
Zeynep Madak-ErdoganAssistant ProfessorFood Sciences and Human NutritionFacultyRole of novel synthetic and natural estrogens on metabolic health of post-menopausal women; understanding molecular basis of breast cancer disparities using multi-scale -OMICs analysis; impact of estrogen receptor alpha and kinase signaling cross-talk on development and progression of breast cancer; integrating -OMICs data from RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq and metabolomics experiments to understand the molecular basis of metabolic syndrome and cancer
Liudmila Mainzer
Liudmila MainzerTechnical Program ManagerNational Center for Supercomputing ApplicationsInternal CenterGenomics; performance of high-throughput bioinformatics workflows on computer clusters
Andrew Margenot
Andrew MargenotAssistant ProfessorCrop SciencesFacultyFourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy; soil fertility in East Africa; urban agriculture; phosphorus; soil organic matter and enzymes
Nicolas Martin
Nicolas MartinAssistant ProfessorCrop SciencesFacultyBioinformatics and statistics
Josh McCann
Josh McCannAssistant ProfessorAnimal SciencesFacultyNutrition on metabolism; rumen microbiome; gastrointestinal epithelium; muscle development
Kenton McHenry
Kenton McHenryDeputy Director of Scientific Software ApplicationsNational Center for Supercomputing ApplicationsInternal CenterArtificial intelligence; data and information systems
Hope Michelson
Hope MichelsonAssistant ProfessorAgricultural and Consumer EconomicsFacultyDevelopment economics; food security; agricultural economics; agribusiness and emerging markets
Sasa Misailovic
Sasa MisailovicAssistant ProfessorComputer ScienceFacultyArchitecture, compilers, and parallel computing; programming languages/formal methods/software engineering; security and privacy
Sayan Mitra
Sayan MitraAssociate ProfessorElectrical and Computer EngineeringFacultyReliable and high performance computing
Margaret Yee Man Ng
Margaret Yee Man NgAssistant ProfessorJournalismFacultyJournalism; communication technology; social media
William Norris
William (Bob) NorrisClinical Associate ProfessorIndustrial & Enterprise Systems EngineeringFacultyMechatronics; control systems; expert systems; decision analysis; adaptive systems; deep learning; machine learning; robotics; systems engineering; autonomous/unmanned systems
Jian Peng
Jian PengAssistant ProfessorComputer ScienceFacultyComputational biology and medicine; functional and structural genomics; systems biology; pharmacogenomics; neurodegenerative diseases; machine learning; deep learning; reinforcement learning; applications to biology and cheminformatics
Luis Rodriguez
Luis RodriguezAssociate ProfessorAgricultural and Biological EngineeringFacultyBig data, modeling, and analytics; food, energy, and water security; environmental impacts of food and agricultural production and processing; social constraints on engineered systems; reliability, resiliency, and sustainability; decision support; life support systems
Sandra Rodriguez Zas
Sandra Rodriguez ZasProfessorAnimal SciencesFacultyStatistical genomics; bioinformatics
Alex Schwing
Alex SchwingAssistant ProfessorElectrical and Computer EngineeringFacultyFacultyMachine learning; computer vision and pattern recognition
Nicholas Seiter
Nicholas SeiterResearch Assistant ProfessorCrop SciencesFacultyPlant protection; entomology
Diwakar Shukla
Diwakar ShuklaBlue Waters Assistant ProfessorChemical and Biomolecular EngineeringFacultyMedicine; plant biology; energy; climate change
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca SmithAssistant ProfessorPathobiologyFacultyEpidemiology; mathematical and statistical modeling
Aiman Soliman
Aiman SolimanResearch ScientistNational Center for Supercomputing ApplicationsInternal CenterData fusion; geospatial data science; remote sensing; social sensing; surface temperature; sustainability; urban GIS
Stanley Solomon, Jr.
Stanley Solomon, Jr.Environment and Energy Stewardship EducatorUniversity of Illinois ExtensionInternal CenterIndoor air quality; energy management; water quality
Richard Sowers
Richard SowersProfessorIndustrial & Enterprise Systems EngineeringFacultyData analytics
Adam StewartPh.D. studentComputer ScienceInternal Center
Dena StrongSenior Information Design SpecialistTechnology ServicesInternal Center
Leona Yi-Fan Su
Leona Yi-Fan SuAssistant ProfessorAdvertisingFacultyInterplay between media and society; social media; new technology; human communication; social behavior; health topics
Carmen Ugarte
Carmen UgarteResearch SpecialistNatural Resources and Environmental SciencesInternal CenterSoil quality and function; soil food webs; soil ecosystem; nutrient cycling
Lav Varshney
Lav VarshneyAssistant ProfessorElectrical and Computer EngineeringFacultyCoding theory and applications; communications; fault tolerance and reliability; image, video, and multimedia processing and compression; information theory; machine learning and pattern recognition; nanotechnology; signal detection and estimation; signal processing; VLSI in communications
Michelle Wander
Michelle WanderProfessorNatural Resources and Environmental SciencesFacultySoil quality; carbon sequestration; organic matter management; agronomy/agroecology; soil science and conservation; sustainable agriculture; organic agriculture; sustainability metrics; agricultural life cycle; landscape and ecosystem ecology
Shen WangPostdoctoral ResearcherInstitute for Sustainability, Energy, and EnvironmentInternal Center
Yi-Cheng Wang
Yi-Cheng WangAssistant ProfessorFood Science & Human NutritionFacultyThe development of novel biosensors to address food-safety issues; the design and fabrication of advanced materials-based active/intelligent packaging; the synthesis and characterization of functional foods
Wendy H. Yang
Wendy H. YangAssociate ProfessorPlanet Biology and GeologyFacultyTerrestrial biogeochemistry; ecosystem ecology; stable isotope ecology; soil-atmosphere greenhouse gas dynamics; climate change