Center for Digital Agriculture

EarthSense Creator Girish Chowdhary Discovers Unique Audience, Energy from NSF Visit

Illinois Autonomous Farm Chief Scientist, and EarthSense Co-founder, Girish Chowdhary received an invitation from NSF director Sethuraman Panchanathan to address a special audience that included India’s Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Nirmala Sitharaman.

“The inspiration for me to represent EarthSense, as I understand it, came from the NSF director, ‘Dr. Panch,’ because of the interest he’s taken in the robotics work we’re doing,” said Chowdhary, who also holds appointments on campus with Agricultural and Biological Engineering as well as the Center for Digital Agriculture. “Our work is about taking computing principles and turning it into actionable devices. And that, to me, is the biggest impact of computer science.

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